Is Democracy & the News objective?

Yes. Democracy & the News has no political, religious, academic, institutional, or ideological affiliation of any kind. It is published independently by USC Professor Steve Posner as a free resource that can help increase college student participation in the 2024 presidential election. It only features factual reports from reputable news organizations. 

Is the resource free for all professors and students?

Yes. The news articles are available for use by educators and their students. Register to access the homework assignments. It is free for all instructors and students with an .edu email address. 

Is it relevant for my course?

Yes. The resource is relevant for all courses, whether or not they cover current  events. The news is presented in context so students can follow events independently without having to rely on additional instruction from professors. 

Is the news current? 

Yes. Each edition features an in-depth examination of an important news event, enabling professors to remain focused on core curricula while ensuring that their students are politically knowledgeable — and motivated to vote in the 2024 elections.

Is it easy to assign?

Yes. In addition to the news articles, each issue contains homework assignments: a Quiz, and a Discussion Board limited to an individual instructor's class where students receive credit for every comment they post. The brief prep and automatic grading take less than 30 minutes, a vital feature for a crowded syllabus. 

Is the grading automatic?

Yes. To assign the Quiz and Discussion Board, professors register their courses so students can enroll in them, complete the assignments, and receive their grades.

Is registration simple?

Yes. Professors Register and enter the name of each course that will be using Democracy & the News. Students Register and select the school, professor, and the name of the course they are taking. It's quick and easy.



“Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen.” - Dwight Eisenhower



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